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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Expired Domains Search Engine Launches

Las Vegas, Nevada - (via THE HOSTING NEWS) - August 24, 2005 - Everyday over 20,000 domains re-enter the market, and are often registered before anyone notices. has tracked these domains and added them to a large database, which now has over 3 million available domains and can be searched for free.

With the free expired domains search engine, users need only come up with a name, idea, or word and are then met with thousands of quality available domains relating to their search.

Anyone who has recently attempted to find a quality domain understands the difficulty and frustration of such a task. Up till now there has been only two options: settle for a long awkward looking domain, or purchase one from a private owner for a large sum of money. Now, there is a third option offered by

The usual process of finding a domain is: come up with a domain name, check if it’s available, if not, then come up with another domain name and check again. This becomes a tedious and timely process, as the user must come up with a name that is not in the list of 53 million domains.

Chris Richmond, President and Founder of, has this to say about the new search engine, ''No one profits from having a user spend countless hours trying to find a domain name, which is why we have spent the time to make it as easy as possible for anyone to find and purchase a quality domain. After a user enters a short keyword the system is not only searched for that keyword, but also up to 5 additional related terms. For example, if the user enters the word loan, the system will search for all available domains containing loan, lend, borrow, debt, credit, or mortgage. The system then sorts the results by the number of times the domain is taken in other tld's making finding a quality domain easier then ever.''

The new free deleted domain search engine can be found at: