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Monday, September 19, 2005

MR SEO launches new site and services


Joe Balestrino

New York, NY -- September 20, 2005 -- Online businesses searching for website development, search engine optimization and other web services can now save time and money by enlisting the services of Mr. SEO. Mr. SEO, a giant in search engine optimization, has now expanded their business to meet the needs of clientele who require a full range of web-based services. A longstanding and well respected SEO firm in the online community, Mr. SEO has launched a new website detailing their SEO, search engine submission, blog building, content writing, press release, PPC, article creation and link exchange services.
The ability to provide additional services as part of an overall package that includes top-notch SEO is a boon for those looking to develop and optimize their web presence.

According to Joe Balestrino, President of Mr. SEO: “Despite increased awareness of the necessity for SEO, it’s still often an afterthought in web-based business development. Unfortunately, it can be a very costly afterthought for businesses with pre-existing sites that are not search engine friendly. After years of providing SEO while working with various developers, we decided to expand our services to offer the option of having websites retooled or created from scratch with an emphasis on SEO. The benefit to our customers is that they can now have a site developed specifically for their individual business needs that is search engine friendly from the ground up, and at a substantial savings.”

Mr. SEO offers a free site evaluation for traditional SEO services, as well as a free quote for website development and redevelopment proposals. Services can be purchased separately or in combination.