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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Online Casino trying to take advantage of SEO companies and bait them with a few dollars to do their bidding.

(I-Newswire) - MSN Search Engine Optimization Contest Online Casino BTDino is a scam. If you are a top of the line Search Engine Optimization company you know how this is being played. They are scamming us for our expertise to try and pump their site up to the top of the search engines for the phrase Onlin0 Casin0 Gamblin' ( you noticed I did not even consider doing this name )

Fact is that if they can get 50 sites to the top of the Online Casino BTDino search listing using Onlin0 Casin0 Gamblin' as the anchor text they will increase their power to get to the top of Onlin0 Casin0 Gamblin'

This is the lowest from of a Search Engine Optimization Contest. This is the lowest form of taking a good enterprise and tossing it in the trash. Online Casino BTDino is attempting to take good companies at the top of their game and toss peanuts to them, use them and use their good name.

I suggest that those companies that join in this contest for Online Casino BTDino should wait and see how their good name is spoiled, all for a few dollars. This will make a mark on your name and company by showing how you are willing to support gambli.. and most of all willing to "sell out" your great services to any site. This you cannot do.

They are doing this under the name of MSN, as if this company approves of them using their name. I wonder if MSN approves of them taking a "search engine optimization contest", turning it around and using it to pump up their site. If MSN approves, I feel sorry for the integrity of the company. If they don't approve they will ban this site forever from their database and encourage Google and Yahoo to do the same.