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Monday, June 20, 2005

AOL Gets Ready to Launch Free Content

I've had some interesting conversations with the execs over at, and it's clear they are getting ready to go on the offensive.

At, you can get an overview of some of the things AOL has planned, which mostly surrounds its plans to make a lot of its content available for free.

Starting Tuesday, a test version of the new portal will be accessible via a link at A limited number of features will be available at first, with more added in the coming months.

AOL believes that creating a free portal will expand its audience beyond just subscribers. Online advertising will provide the revenue.

AOL's plans include heavy promotion of video and music to go along with a snazzy new look.

Visitors will be able to watch music videos, exclusive concerts and a Web-only reality show in which the participants compete for a recording contract. AOL's Singingfish multimedia search engine will be prominently featured.

AOL has no plans to launch its own search engine index, but will be refining its smart box and clustering technology, with a new look search interface due around August.