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Monday, January 29, 2007

Stolen ID Search Engine

If you use a computer there is close to a 50 percent chance that your personal information was, or will be stolen. A Silicon Valley search engine wants to help. NBC's Scott Budman shows us how one click can show you everything you need to know.

It's easier than ever to do business on your computer, but with that convenience comes danger.

Scams, viruses, theft...all online...all a threat to your good name. Now a search engine to tell you if you've been a victim.

"And you can find out if your information has been compromised online."
can in seconds let you know if your private information has been stolen.

"This is data being lost because you're on a phishing site, or data lost because you have keylogging software on your computer, tracking every key stroke you make. This is data lost because it's being posted and bought and sold in an internet chat group."

One hundred million people had personal data compromised in 2006 alone, this is one search engine where you don't want results.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

PPC Search Engine Workshops, to be Sponsored by Yahoo!

Port Townsend, Washington - (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) - January 18, 2007 - The principals behind PPC Summit have been teaching seminars about PPC, sponsored by Yahoo!, for the last four years. As students consistently demanded more advanced information about pay per click, the intensive format was born.

The PPC Summit search engine marketing conferences are scheduled to be offered in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, Vancouver, Boston, San Francisco and Dallas.
Designed by former search engine insiders, the event features two days of interactive sessions on pay per click advertising, the PPC Summit is a new concept in training for search engine marketing, geared toward professionals and managers at all levels. Session participants endeavor to learn the ''how to'' of pay per click in detail, and attendance will be limited to allow increased networking. The summits are designed to provide advertisers and agencies with the tools, contacts and resources they really need to effectively manage a pay per click campaign, not with a vague, 'Big Picture' overview. Each day offers four customizable tracks designed to appeal to the needs and skills of anyone involved in search engine marketing (


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Q&A Land: New Column From Search Engine Land

One of my resolutions in starting Search Engine Land was to spend more time doing Q&As with people. There's no better way to ensure I do that than to start a column. So I'm happy to announce that Q&A Land becomes the second column offered by Search Engine Land.

Unlike Link Week, which started this week and runs on Mondays, Q&A Land is a "floating" column. It will happen once per week, but the actual day might change.

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