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Friday, October 28, 2005

Meta Search Engine Sold for $101,000 on eBay

meta search engine which was jetisoned by its owners who are focusing on other projects, then relaunched just in time for a listing on eBay auctions? Well the Jux2 meta search engine was just sold on eBay for a bid of $101,000.

Not a bad price for a search engine & meta technology which has been on the shelf for over a year. Just imagine how much the engine would have brought in if it had actually been up and running since April of 2004 and had more than 128 incoming links indexed on Google. I had originally predicted that Jux2 would go for $20,000, which was tremendously different than the selling price. Guess I’m not ready for the Price is Right after all


Thursday, October 13, 2005

SEMPO Announces New Platinum Sponsor MSN

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) October 13, 2005 -- The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) today announced that MSN has become a Platinum sponsor for the next fiscal year’s activities.

Successful search marketing requires ongoing research and training and SEMPO sponsors provide the necessary funds to conduct primary research and develop educational materials for the industry.

Jeffrey Pruitt, SEMPO Treasurer and co-chair of the organization’s Development Committee, said, “MSN's willingness to become a Platinum sponsor is a clear indication of their commitment to our mission to increase awareness and promote the value of search engine marketing worldwide. It is also a clear indication that SEMPO’s position as the leading non-profit professional association in the search engine marketing industry has been solidified in the past year with the support from our members and sponsors.”

According to SEMPO research, advertisers in the U.S. and Canada spent over $4 billion dollars on search marketing programs in 2004. That figure comprises payments to search engines and search-related media companies, search engine marketing agencies as well as in-house expenditures in support of such programs, including "paid placement," "paid inclusion" and "organic search engine optimization."

“MSN values SEMPO’s mission to provide current, relevant information about search engine marketing to the advertising community,” said Mari Kim Novak, Director of Industry Relations for MSN at Microsoft Corp. “We look forward to working together to increase awareness and promote the value of adCenter as a one-stop shop from which advertisers can manage all their MSN advertising campaigns, end to end, including display and direct ads. In addition, advertisers will be able to use advanced targeting tools and audience intelligence data to reach their desired audiences across the MSN network.”


New Search Engine Will Give Users...

New Search Engine Will Give Users Premium Content, For Free

A NEW SEARCH ENGINE, CONGOO, is currently partnering with premium content providers so that upon its projected launch a month from now, it can give that content away free. In a nutshell, consumers will be asked to fill out a basic registration form when they first search on Congoo. Then, when they conduct a search, Congoo will spider content from its premium partners, and display those results prominently above standard results from one of the top three search engines--with which Congoo plans, but has yet to partner.

There are limits, however, to how much premium content members can access. Generally, the maximum will be one free piece of content per search; in addition, each participating publication will establish a maximum number of stories that any user can access within a certain time frame.

The company's founder, Ash Nashed, who secured a patent in 2003 for his business plan, said that a number of general news, financial, and trade publications have already signed up.

But, he said, Congoo will have to walk a fine line to meet both consumers' and publishers' expectations. "Consumers want free content, and publishers want to use this as a way to market their content," said Nashed. "For the core audience that would normally subscribe to these publications, we're hoping the level of access we provide will be sufficient so they won't unsubscribe," he said, adding: "We want to give enough away to attract new readers who will hopefully become part of that publication's core audience."


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Google launches Google Reader

Google's reader will:

Let you search for blogs and news sites.
Share this info with friends
Works with your Google account

Google Reader

Friday, October 07, 2005

Search engine keyword prices increased from $1.37 to $1.44

Search engine keyword prices increased from $1.37 to $1.44 between September 2004 and September 2005 by ZDNet's ZDNet Research -- Since September 2004 search engine keyword prices have increased on average from $1.37 to $1.44, Fathom Online reports. When the simple averages are weighted to remove the effects of the disparate price ranges, the weighted average increase is 19%. In the Consumer Services category which includes education, fitness and entertainment, keyword costs increased 78% and [...]